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Who We Are & What We're About

At L8R, we have your best interests in our hearts. When you join the selective L8R Elite team you become part of the L8R family. 
You come here for results and we deliver - but we do so without sacrificing your long-term health. Reaching your full potential is what we're all about.

Led by IFBB Pro Jeff Later & his wife Jenny.


From Start To Finish


Getting on stage requires you to go to great measures to get your body ready. It's imperative to have healthy habits established and a good baseline of health and fitness before jumping in. This is a must to assure optimal recovery after the competition.


Veteran competitors know your body must be ready before jumping into a prep. It's no different for first timers either. Assure health is optimal and that your body composition is within striking distance of the stage. If you still have muscle to build, then now is the time, not prep.


Optimize fat loss, preserve muscle mass, and protect your health. Despite what some believe, you can prepare for a show in a healthy way. Customization is a must to assure an optimal response and optimal health. We will help you get to the best version of you possible and do so in a healthy way to you can compete as much as you want. 


This part of the process is often ignored, by both the coach and the competitor, which is incredibly dangerous. After putting yourself through a rigorous prep, you need to assure that you recover and transition to a healthy lifestyle. We provide a thorough recovery plan to assure that happens.

There are no favorites. All are given equal time & attention...

Importance Of Prepping Correctly
From the desk of Jeff Later, IFBB Pro
Preparing to compete in a physique competition is the pinnacle of physical development. The sport/art has grown in popularity in recent years, due to the creation of new divisions. This has brought a lot of excitement and a lot of new faces. 

Preparing for a competition, no matter the division, requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The decision to compete is a big one and many things need to be considered.

The competitive world we live in has led many people to sacrifice nearly everything in an effort to win a trophy. While this sport is demanding and requires some sacrifice in time and energy, certain things should NOT be up for debate. 

I've competed in over 40 shows and coached thousands of others to the stage. If experience has taught me anything, it's that health should never be compromised just to win a trophy.

I put an emphasis on education - learning about nutrition, developing good habits, and avoiding heavy restriction. 

This leads to a healthy post-show recovery and results you can keep, instead of looking good for one day. 

We are passionate about this sport and want to share that with others. We want to show everyone that you can be incredibly successful in this sport and still have a great relationship with food, keep your results, and NOT have any detrimental long-term effects. 
Real Coaching
When you join L8R Elite you become family. You're not just a number here and we don't play favorites. We walk the walk, we have competed in over 50 shows combined and understand the rigors of contest prep. We help you overcome challenge
Real Results
L8R Elite athletes come ready to play! Our badass NPC and IFBB competitors are always challenging for that top spot and come out on top more often than not. It's not always about winning, but it is about doing it right and continually improving.
We Take You Seriously
We are passionate about what we do. We live and breathe this lifestyle day in and day out.  Everyone in this organization cares about the success and wellbeing of every L8R member. You become a member of the family when you join.
Champions Are Created Here

Class Winners, Overall Champions, and IFBB Pro Wins


What's Included & Why We're Different

Customized Nutrition

Tailored to you, your schedule, your preferences, and your goals. You should never have to eat something you hate!

Detailed Training Plans

Know exactly what you need to do in the gym to optimize your shape, muscularity, and time!

Supplement Guidance

Each individual has unique needs. We'll determine what is needed to optimize health and performance.

Weekly Check-ins

Each week your progress is evaluated and any element of the program could potentially be updated to assure progress.

Posing Instruction

Highlight your strengths, hide your weaknesses. Posing is a key piece of the puzzle. Get 1:1 attention to look your best.

24/7 Access

We are available via text, email, phone, for any and all questions or concerns. Get very quick responses every single time.

Facebook Group Access

Join a group of your peers in a supportive environment all working towards a common goal.

Post-Show Recovery Plan

Often-ignored, but incredibly crucial. Get a detailed plan to help you transition back to a healthy lifestyle after prep.

L8R Jacket

Upon completing your prep you will be given a L8R Elite team jacket to honor your hard work and commitment.
Client Testimonials
don't take our word for it...
One Day At A Time
Our Mission
At L8R Elite, we believe everyone is an athlete and has the potential to do whatever they want with their physique. We help you find the inner strength and ability to achieve monumental things. 
You deserve a plan of your own and you deserve personalized attention.  We take the time to develop an optimized approach to achieve your full potential on a competitive stage.  Competition prep done right, will help you develop discipline, drive, healthy habits, and a work ethic that will positively impact many aspects of your life.

Our mission is to not only help you dominate in competition, but to educate, inform, and prepare you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle to last a lifetime.

Join us and achieve your truest potential!
The Coaching Team
L8R Elite & L8R Lifestyle was founded in 2010 and is a force in the bodybuilding community.

Thousands of competitors have taken the stage under the guidance of IFBB Pro Jeff Later and his Wife Jenny. They are joined by IFBB Pro Mikka Vallace, Shanna White, Debbie Bird, Matt Moore, Amy Thomsen, and Zach Atkin. All accomplished competitors and L8R Certified coaches.

The L8R approach to contest prep makes health a top priority - a rarity in this sport. All too often, coaches needlessly run their clients into the ground. This reckless approach towards contest prep carries long-term consequences on the athletes metabolism, hormones, body image, and relationships with food.

At L8R  your health is protected. Period.

All clients are treated with equal time and attention, and it's way more than other coaches give to even their high priority athletes.

Prep with intelligence, with calculation, with precision, and look your best on stage in the best possible health.
Spots Are Limited & You Must Qualify
While others will take on anyone that's willing to pay them, we won't.  Competing is a very serious endeavor and the coach/client relationship is an important one.  
We have an application process for all prospective clients.  We do this to assure that competing is right for you and that we are a good match.
Every application is reviewed carefully and follow up questions are often asked. We want to be sure and we want YOU to be sure that you're ready to give it all you've got and COMMIT to this process and look your absolute best!

No One Will Be Accepted At 12 Weeks Out Or Less