Next Level Contest Prep Coaching
Unleash your inner athlete and prepare for the challenge of a lifetime. 
Are You Ready? 
Real Coaching
When you join L8R Elite you become family. You're not just a number here and we don't play favorites. We walk the walk, we have competed in over 50 shows combined and understand the rigors of contest prep. We help you overcome challenge
Real Results
L8R Elite athletes come ready to play! Our badass NPC and IFBB competitors are always challenging for that top spot and come out on top more often than not. It's not always about winning, but it is about doing it right and continually improving.
We Take You Seriously
We are passionate about what we do. We live and breathe this lifestyle day in and day out.  Everyone in this organization cares about the success and wellbeing of every L8R member. You become a member of the family when you join.
"Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts
Repeated Day In And Day Out"
- Robert Collier
from start to finish
Champions Are Created Here
We're With You From Start To Finish
One Day At A Time
IFBB Pros & L8R Elite Athletes: 
Mary Power, Rob Williams, and Mikka Heim
What Makes L8R ELITE
Customized Nutrition
There are no blueprints or cookie-cutter plans when it comes to contest prep.  You receive a plan tailor-made for your body type, your food tolerances, your preferences. Updated throughout the process to assure consistent progression.
Weekly Check-ins
You will check in with your coach every single week. Your progress is evaluated and changes are made as needed.  All factors are considered when assessing progress. Pictures, numbers, and biofeedback are all used to make intelligent adjustments.
Proven Workouts
We give you customized workouts designed to optimize your shape. A variety of advanced techniques are used to build your physique. Individualized protocols for all divisions and all body types. Bring up weak points and balance out your physique.
Supplement Guidance
Jeff has a storied career in Dietary supplement formulation. His formulas have generated hundreds of millions in revenue, affecting lives in countries all over the world. His expertise will assure you're making the right decisions when it comes to supplementation.
Anecdotal & Clinical
We use research-based and experience-based methods in our prep approach. Everyone responds differently to different protocols and there is no single method that will always work. We fine what works best for you for that particular prep. It may be different every time.
Health & Hormones
Using a variety of nutrition techniques cycling and shifting macronutrients, using strategic refeeds, and other methods, your important sex hormones and thyroid metabolism are protected from the potential damaging effects that can occur during periods of extreme transformation.
Concierge Coaching
We are on call for you. Preparing for a competition requires a lot of hard work and preparation. We help you navigate your way through all the challenges and obstacles you face along the way. As a member of L8R Elite you have exclusive access to us. No text or email goes unanswered. We pride ourselves on our attentiveness.
Posing Instruction
Highlight your strengths, hide your weaknesses, present your best self.  Posing is a key piece of the puzzle. We spend as much 1 on 1 time with you to assure you are completely prepared. Bodybuilding, classic physique, bikini, mens physique, womens physique, and figure. 

Post Show Recovery
Once the show has come and gone, trophies collected, the proverbial finish line crossed, its time to recover. Proper recovery from an extreme process such as contest prep requires extreme care and detailed planning.  It is just as important as contest prep itself.  Avoid long-term negative effects and recover the right way.
Private Facebook Group Access
  •  Supportive community to interact with other competitors
  •  Share recipes, workouts, posing tips, and make new friends.
  •  Meet like-minded individuals on the same mission as you.
Unsurpassed Support & Communication
Unlike most "gurus" and coaches out there, you will have personal access to Jeff's phone and inbox. This allows for daily communication, feedback, motivation, problem-solving, tweaks, and support.  Jeff has seen just about everything...between the hundreds of competitors he's worked with and the 25+ competitions he's done, he has a wealth of experience.
Assuring your success is of the utmost importance.
Unmatched Passion
Jeff has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and is one of the most passionate coaches in the world.  He eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness and nutrition.  You won't find another coach that truly practices what he preaches.  He's a national level bodybuilder with countless titles to his name.  
He's helped thousands of people transform their physiques and hundreds of competitors take the stage. He could have kept his corporate job making 6 figures developing dietary supplements, but he chose to live out his passion helping others change their lives.  
The L8R Jacket...
Upon completion of your competition prep we award you with an exclusive L8R Elite branded track jacket. These highly coveted track jackets cannot be purchased, they are earned. They represent your extreme dedication and discipline and it's our way of showing our respect and appreciation for you.
Client Testimonials
don't take our word for it...
Our Mission
At L8R Elite, we believe everyone is an athlete and has the potential to do whatever they want with their physique. We help you find the inner strength and ability to achieve monumental things. 
You deserve a plan of your own and you deserve personalized attention.  We take the time to develop an optimized approach to achieve your full potential on a competitive stage.  Competition prep done right, will help you develop discipline, drive, healthy habits, and a work ethic that will positively impact many aspects of your life.

Our mission is to not only help you dominate in competition, but to educate, inform, and prepare you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle to last a lifetime.

Join us and achieve your truest potential!
Available Worldwide
You can start today from anywhere in the world. L8R Lifestyle clients are located all over the world and all have the same experience.  You do not need to be local to work with Jeff & Jen. Even if you are local but don't have the time to come see them in person, just join online and get everything started from the comfort of your own home.
Our Team
Hi, we are Jeff and Jenny Later.  We are full-time health and nutrition coaches, full time parents, and active competitive bodybuilders. 
Health and fitness is our passion! We're lucky enough to spend our days sharing our knowledge with others and continuing to learn and enhance our own abilities. 
We are competitive physique athletes and will probably do that until they don't allow us on stage anymore! :)

We have helped over 1,000 people transform their lifestyle and improve their health and fitness.  We've worked with NFL athletes, division 1 athletes, bodybuilders, physique competitors, soccer moms, and everyone in between.

We firmly believe in daily healthy habits that translate into a sustainable long-term lifestyle. We've worked with so many diverse people and situations there's almost nothing we've haven't heard before.

We have clients using carb cycling, high carb, ketogenic diets, IIFYM, intermittent fasting, and others… we’ll work together to figure out which plan is best for you. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

We are competitors ourselves, in both the NPC & IFBB.  We still actively compete in the NPC & IFBB and walk what we talk!

I (Jeff ) am an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and have competed in over 35 shows. This is our passion!
You Must Qualify To Join
While others will take on anyone that's willing to pay them, we won't.  Competing is a very serious endeavor and the coach/client relationship is an important one.  
We have an application process for all prospective clients.  We do this to assure that competing is right for you and that we are a good match.
Every application is reviewed carefully and follow up questions are often asked. We want to be sure and we want YOU to be sure that you're ready to give it all you've got and COMMIT to this process and look your absolute best!